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Care and Maintenance 

We are sure you know the extreme value of proper maintenance. It seems even in our technologically advanced state, we are always busy with maintenance onsomething! We do maintenance on our cars, our lawns, our computer systems,our houses, and our appliances. This is where Air Pro Services can help you! Yourhome comfort system, (heater and air conditioner) is not only the biggest, but alsoprobably the most expensive appliance you have in your home. (With our desert weather, it can also be the most important!) This appliance needs proper care andmaintenance to keep running efficiently (think utility bills) and have a long life expectancy (think repair bills).Listed below are the different check points we go over on each seasonal inspection:
Air Conditioning Maintenance 
1.  Check freon operating pressures
2.  Check voltage & amperage to all motors 
3.  Inspect all safety devices
4.  Calculate evaporator super heat
5.  Lubricate all moving parts, as necessary
6.  Inspect belt tension & adjust if needed
7.  Clean or replace air filters
8.  Calibrate thermostat
9.  Check start capacitor & potential relay
10. Inspect compressor contactor
11. Tighten all electrical connections
12. Clean condensing coil
13. Blow condensate drain
14. Check complete A/C cycle
Heating Maintenance
1.  Calibrate thermostat
2.  Inspect & adjust all safety controls
3.  Adjust burners for efficiency
4.  Adjust pilot assembly / igniter
5.  Check for gas leaks
6.  Lubricate moving parts, as necessary
7.  Tighten all electrical connections
8.  Inspect belt tension & adjust if needed
9.  Clean or replace air filters
10. Inspect flue piping
11. Check fan control
12. Monitor gas pressure
13. Inspect furnace for cracked heat exchanger
14. Check temperature rise
15. Check complete furnace cycle
16. Monitor for carbon monoxide


How Your A/C System Works

Care & System Maintenance

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